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13 Feb

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11 crucial consumer trends for 2011

19 Jan

Check out the article 11 crucial consumer trends for 2011 by! They have some, in my opinion, very interesting suggestions.

My personal favorite trend is R.A.K. aka Random Acts of Kindness. As an example, they cite Interflora in the UK which has launched a social media campaign via Twitter.  The campaign consists in monitoring user accounts and if they happen upon a tweet à la “alarm clock didn’t ring & missed my flight” or “my boyfriend forgot our anniversary”, Interflora will offer to send you a flower bouquet to brighten up your day.

A great idea!


3 Mar

So jetzt ist auch die deutsche Version online. Die deutschen Seiten erscheinen oben unter den englischen Menüpunkten. Viel Spass und ich freue mich über Anregungen.

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10 Feb

Welcome to my blog!

Here you will find information about my professional, academic as well as personal background. Please feel free to contact me by clicking the contact link on the right.

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